What is the function of Molybdenum? As a mineral of dietary importance, molybdenum supports cell activity, helps produce red blood cells and is essential for azote (or nitrogen) metabolism. Molybdenum is also a co-factor for three essential enzymes which play a crucial role in carbohydrate metabolism.
Molybdenum deficiency symptoms include: tachypnea (or increased respiratory rate), tachycardia (or increased heart rate), nyctalopia (or night blindness), impotence in men, oral cavity disorders.

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  1. I have chronic gout. What dosage of molybdenum can I take and for how long? Does molybdenum also help for asthma as well? Kind regards.

    • Chronic gout is a serious medical condition and, as a result, you should discuss with your doctor what is the best treatment option for you. Only a medical professional is at liberty to discuss such treatment options. Best of health.

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