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Do Pumpkin Seeds Lower Blood Sugar?

Do pumpkin seeds raise blood sugar

Eating pumpkin seeds separate from other foods doesn’t actually lower blood sugar, but doesn’t raise it too much or too fast either. At the same time, eating them with other foods may lower the glycemic effect of those other foods and consequently also blood sugar levels post-meal. If you have diabetes, it’s actually recommended to ⭐ Continue ReadingDo Pumpkin Seeds Lower Blood Sugar?

Can Diabetics Eat Pumpkin Seeds?

Pumpkin seeds good for diabetes

As a diabetic, you can eat pumpkin seeds with your condition in modest amounts. Pumpkin seeds have a low glycemic index which means they have minimal effects on blood sugar levels. Moreover, they are low in carbohydrates and sugar and high in fiber, protein and fat, all aspects of nutrition that work synergically towards better ⭐ Continue ReadingCan Diabetics Eat Pumpkin Seeds?

7 Great Benefits of Dry Apricots for Diabetes

Dried apricots benefits diabetes

Not only can diabetics eat dry apricots with their condition, but the dried fruit is also good for diabetes when consumed in moderation. Despite being high in carbohydrates, dry apricots have a low glycemic index value which means they don’t raise blood sugar levels too fast. Of course, only limited amounts may be consumed at ⭐ Continue Reading7 Great Benefits of Dry Apricots for Diabetes

Is Pumpkin Low or High Glycemic?

Pumpkin high glycemic

The glycemic value of a food predicts its effects on blood sugar metabolism. Typically, foods high in carbohydrates are also high glycemic and raise blood sugar levels significantly. Foods low in carbohydrates are usually low glycemic and have a lesser effect on blood sugar. And then there’s pumpkin – a botanical fruit and culinary vegetable ⭐ Continue ReadingIs Pumpkin Low or High Glycemic?

Does Pumpkin Raise Blood Sugar?

Pumpkin raises blood sugar

All foods containing carbohydrates raise blood sugar, pumpkin included. But when it comes to diabetes, things are not quite what they seem. On the one hand, the carbohydrates in pumpkin are readily digestible which means they raise blood sugar fast, making the fruit high glycemic. On the other hand, animal studies have shown pumpkin has ⭐ Continue ReadingDoes Pumpkin Raise Blood Sugar?