Alkaline – Acid

Below you can view a detailed list of fruits and vegetables as well as other foods classified according to their pH into alkaline or acidic to help you better navigate the ins and outs of the alkaline diet plan. Each icon here contains a list depicting the most common alkaline and acidic foods. I hope you enjoy going through the information depicted below!

There are many advantages to a predominantly alkaline diet, whereas eating mostly acidic foods causes excessive acidity in the body and can encourage health issues of a chronic nature. An alkaline diet on the otherhand is in accordance to the alkaline nature of body fluids such as our basic blood pH and is thus believed to help prevent chronic disease. Common symptoms of a high intake of excessively acidic foods include fatigue, teeth and gum problems, poor immunity and falling ill frequently, pain, aches, inflammation and, of course, signs of premature aging. An alkaline diet can help us feel refreshed, revitalized and energized because it encourages us to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables and reduce our intake of animal products and processed foods, helping us be and feel healthy. The icons above depicting classes of foods grouped by color into alkaline and acidic are easy to follow and inclusive. However, if you feel the lists are not complete and would like us to add other foods to them, please contact us to report any additional information you would like added and we will gladly do so.