9 Unusual Pebble Stool Symptoms

Pebble like stools

When it comes to different types of stools shapes and sizes, there is always the concern for what is normal and what is not. Pebble stools in particular raise many questions because, in addition to being a form of quite severe constipation, they can sometimes produce worrisome symptoms such as excess mucus, abdominal or back ⭐ Continue Reading9 Unusual Pebble Stool Symptoms

Pellet or Pebble Stools: Causes, Treatment and Solutions

Pellet pebble stools

What does pellet or pebble stool look like? Pellet or pebble stools look like small, rounded, compacted lumps of stool. They are solid, dry and hard masses of dark brown colored stool. Often times, they are also referred to as stools shaped like rabbit droppings, marbles or balls because of their particular appearance. Usually, pellet ⭐ Continue ReadingPellet or Pebble Stools: Causes, Treatment and Solutions

17 Unusual Types of Stools and What They Mean

Unusual stools appearance

Bowel movement habits and appearance are important indicators of digestive health. Changes in stools appearance, whether it’s color or shape, odor or texture, can point out hidden pathologies. But how many of us are equipped to notice unusual bowel movements? Very few people actually monitor their bowel habits or know how their stools normally look ⭐ Continue Reading17 Unusual Types of Stools and What They Mean

What Are Normal Bowel Movements?

Types of bowel movements

Your bowel movement habits are a great way to asses your digestive and overall health. From frequency to stool appearance, every little detail says something about how healthy you are, how well you eat to how active you are. Different stool colors indicate changing eating habits or pathologies. Various smells may reveal poor dietary choices ⭐ Continue ReadingWhat Are Normal Bowel Movements?

Stool Colors: What They Mean

Bowel movements colors

Stool Colors: What They Mean. Bowel movements speak bundles about our health. From stool frequency to shape, consistency, texture, odor, weight and color, every little detail says something about how healthy we are and how well we eat. Stool color in particular is extremely relevant to our health as differences in pigmentation may indicate either ⭐ Continue ReadingStool Colors: What They Mean

Vomiting: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment


Vomiting: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment. Vomiting is a natural reflex that causes stomach contents to be expelled through the mouth. For the most part, vomiting is an adverse reaction to ingesting spoiled food, irritating, allergenic or otherwise harmful substances. It generally represents a protective mechanism that allows for food that is unfit for consumption to ⭐ Continue ReadingVomiting: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment