When Are Yellow Raspberries In Season?

Yellow raspberries are an absolute vision and taste so good you can’t help but eat them out of hand. But when are yellow raspberries in season? Does yellow raspberry season overlap with red raspberry season? How long does yellow raspberry season last? Are different varieties of yellow raspberry in season at the same time or during different times of the year?

When is yellow raspberry season?

Yellow raspberries are a seasonal summer fruit and, as a result, they are available all throughout the summer, just like other raspberry colors. Yellow raspberry season commonly extends into early autumn/fall and can last an extra month after summer has finished, provided the weather is warm enough. However, no raspberry plant will produce fruit continuously for the entire duration of the season, that is, start of summer to early fall which is a few good months.

Yellow raspberry season

Yellow raspberry plants, irrespective of cultivar, will fruit for several weeks in a season, after which the harvest for the year is done. The fruits ripen gradually on the plant, over the course of a few weeks and up to a month, each plant requiring several harvests over the course of its season. Different cultivars of yellow raspberry flower and fruit at different times during the season which accounts for the continual supply of fresh fruit over the course of the entire raspberry season.

Yellow raspberries season by month

In the northern hemisphere, yellow raspberries are in season summer through early fall which includes the months of June, July, August and also September. The season for yellow raspberries starts mid to late June at the earliest and lasts until mid to late September at the latest, early October in rare cases if weather conditions are extremely favorable.

  • Early season yellow raspberries: mid-late June to mid-July
  • Mid-season: mid-July through August
  • Late season: mid-late August through September
  • Very late season: mid to late September, early October in rare cases

Fruits will ripen on the plant at different times during the season ensuring a gradual supply in summer.

Conversely, in the southern hemisphere, yellow raspberry season is December through February, which is summertime in the southern hemisphere. Depending on the cultivar, region of cultivation and climate, and yearly weather variations, yellow raspberries may start to become available before their official season, or after.

Yellow raspberries season

Yellow raspberries vs red raspberries season

For the most part, yellow raspberry season and red raspberry season overlap. However, red raspberries usually reach stores and markets before their official season has begun as well as continue to be available after their season has officially ended, not to mention they’re available in far greater amounts.

This is owed to their extensive cultivation, enjoying a far greater distribution compared to the yellow variety, and reaching a more diverse range of climates as a result which fuels a longer fruiting season. By comparison, the cultivation of yellow raspberries is much more limited in distribution which results in more limited amounts of the fruit being available even in peak season, as well as a more strict adherence to the season’s timeline.

Other fruits in season at the same time as yellow raspberries are yellow watermelon, pink and red watermelon, orange watermelon and white watermelon, white mulberries, pink and red mulberries, black mulberries, blackberries and blueberries, and purple raspberries and black raspberries.

Except for watermelon whose season lasts just as long, yellow raspberries have a longer season than all of the other fruits. Vs yellow raspberries, purple and black raspberries have a much shorter season that starts mid to late July and lasts until late August.

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