Properties and Benefits of Burrata


What is burrata? Burrata is a semi-soft, fresh cheese of Italian origin. The term ‘burrata’ means ‘buttered’ in Italian and describes a variety of the cheese filled with butter or butter and sugar instead of the usual mozzarella shreds and cream. Burrata is a highly prized artisanal cheese dating back to the beginning of the ⭐ Continue ReadingProperties and Benefits of Burrata

Lettuce and E. Coli: Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention

Lettuce and E. coli

With the recent E. coli outbreak being traced back to romaine lettuce and possibly several other related greens (once again), it’s high time there was an honest discussion about the hows and whys and all the important information that needs to be put out there in order for everyone to better understand what is going ⭐ Continue ReadingLettuce and E. Coli: Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention

Properties and Benefits of Buttermilk


What is buttermilk? Buttermilk is a name given to a variety of fermented milk-based products. Originally, buttermilk referred to the liquid left over after extracting butter from fermented whole milk or cream, hence the name. Nowadays, the term may denominate several sour, milk-based products obtained through addition of special bacteria cultures to previously pasteurized whole ⭐ Continue ReadingProperties and Benefits of Buttermilk

Properties and Benefits of Soured Milk

Soured milk

What is soured milk? Soured milk is a thicker, almost yogurt-like type of milk with a sour, acidic taste. Traditional soured milk is obtained naturally through fermentation from sweet or raw, whole cow’s milk. Commercial soured milk is obtained from milk to which an acidifying agent and sometimes also specific bacterial cultures are added. Soured ⭐ Continue ReadingProperties and Benefits of Soured Milk

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Hello everybody and welcome to! Today, July 2, 2014, we celebrate the birth of, a new and exciting health and wellness blog. Natureword is dedicated to all things health and wellness-related and focuses on revealing the properties and health benefits of food items people from across the globe enjoy. Whether it’s pomegranate and figs, goat cheese ⭐ Continue ReadingWelcome to